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Is your organization struggling with knowing where to invest your digital media resources or how to implement them all effectively?

I’m Lauren Esposito, founder of Esposito Marketing and Design, LLC. I am an email marketer, user experience designer, and a social media community manager. I am a trained graphic designer, teacher and industry researcher. I am a digital media and marketing strategist. I am a planner and a project manager, and your digital media partner.


I can help your organization analyze all of its digital media resources and align them with your business goals. Prioritizing and optimizing your channels to have the most impact and value for your investment. I analyze your results, recommend insights, and can help you implement actions.


With over 20 years of marketing experience in healthcare, home care, emergency management, commercial and residential real estate, beauty, education, finance, information technology, museum, non-profit, project management consulting, religious, sports and style, let me support your organization in meeting its critical digital goals.